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Unknown movie, found in a cannister which should contain something elso. So if someone can help me out which movie this is...
This is a 16mm duplicat-copy, probable not an official version as the quality is rather poor.

Run time 11:14
Audio/Visual no sound, black & white


Reviewer: Availablenator - - April 25, 2014
Subject: No good
I can only imagine your disappointment when your discovered that this was not what was advertised on its canister. This is easily one of the Vaguely Unpleasant film segments I have ever seen in my whole life. The dancing fingers were particularly disturbing.
Reviewer: dahszil - - March 21, 2014
Subject: cool, i did not know that the Sochi
Winter Olympics replays were already in the public domain! Just can't wait to see the women's snowboard cross!
Reviewer: Abdulwadud - - July 21, 2013
Subject: German language
The intertitles are Dutch. The images show words in German. So possibly a film from Germany, Austria or Switzerland. Nice (part of a) movie! That's why I give it four stars :-)
Reviewer: barticle - - January 6, 2013
Subject: Found art
Don't really need to know what movie this is. Fascinating slice of 1920's European film making. Let it remain a mystery.